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Venus Gold

Draw No. :- 84033290 Ist

Draw No. :- 52211359 IInd

Draw No. :- 00254172 IIIrd

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MRP ₹ 50/-
Jackpot ₹ 500000/-

Draw :- Monday ( Weekly )

MRP ₹ 100/-
Jackpot ₹ 1100000/-

Draw :- Wednesday ( Weekly )

MRP ₹ 150/-
Jackpot ₹ 2100000/-

Draw :- Friday ( Weekly )

MRP ₹ 200/-
Jackpot ₹ 4500000/-

Draw :- 15th 30th ( 15th/30th )

MRP ₹ 250/-
Jackpot ₹ 7000000/-

Draw :- Saturday ( Weekly )

MRP ₹ 400/-
Jackpot ₹ 10000000/-

Draw :- 15th 30th ( 15th/30th )

MRP ₹ 500/-
Jackpot ₹ 25000000/-

Draw :- 30th ( Monthly )

MRP ₹ 750/-
Jackpot ₹ 50000000/-

Draw :- 30th ( Monthly )

MRP ₹ 1000/-
Jackpot ₹ 110000000/-

Draw :- 30th ( Monthly )


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Sr. No. Logo Lottery Name Ticket Price Jackpot 1st Runnerup 2nd Runnerup Draw Type Day Action
Venus Silver
₹ 50/- ₹ 500000/- ₹ 300000/- ₹ 200000/- Weekly Monday
Venus Gold
₹ 100/- ₹ 1100000/- ₹ 500000/- ₹ 251000/- Weekly Wednesday
Venus Diamond
₹ 150/- ₹ 2100000/- ₹ 1100000/- ₹ 500000/- Weekly Friday
₹ 200/- ₹ 4500000/- ₹ 2500000/- ₹ 1500000/- 15th/30th 15th 30th
₹ 250/- ₹ 7000000/- ₹ 5000000/- ₹ 2500000/- Weekly Saturday
Dhan Kuber
₹ 400/- ₹ 10000000/- ₹ 7500000/- ₹ 5000000/- 15th/30th 15th 30th
Golden Club
₹ 500/- ₹ 25000000/- ₹ 15000000/- ₹ 10000000/- Monthly 30th
Mahalaxmi Returns
₹ 750/- ₹ 50000000/- ₹ 30000000/- ₹ 15000000/- Monthly 30th
Indus Premium
₹ 1000/- ₹ 110000000/- ₹ 70000000/- ₹ 50000000/- Monthly 30th

Consolation Prize

Prize Amount Total Winners
Ist Prize
5 Persons
IInd Prize
10 Persons
IIIrd Prize
15 Persons
IVth Prize
20 Persons
Vth Prize
50 Persons
Jai Hanuman
50 Persons
Jai Hanuman
50 Persons

Consolation Prizes Distributed through Agency channel winners list will be published on 30th every month.

Terms & Conditions

1. Your income from Indus Lottery will be subject to deduct income tax according to your country's Income Tax Act. 2. Your income will be liable for other taxes like GST & Others according to your country's Law. 3. Your winning Prize will be payable by cheque by Indus Lottery by self or its group companies. 4. Your Winning amount will be dispatched with in Seven Days of Lottery Draw. 5. We never call or send SMS for ask any type of OTP or any bank details. Beware from froud calls. 6. You need to purchase your lucky ticket online self or by our agents in your city. 7. Only three lucky winners will get the Jackpot and other 2nd & 3rd prize amount for lottery. 8. No Ticket amount will be refunded if once purchase any ticket. 9. Any person can purchase one or more than one tickets as his/ her choice. 10. Ticket serial numbers will be valid till next results only for a particular Lottery. 11. Lottery Prices are subject to change time to time according to the need. All changes will display on website only. No personal information to any agent or existing customers. 12. All right reserved to Indus Lottery team.


Agent Terms & Conditions: 1. Our Agents will get 40% of a ticket amount. 2. Zonal Agent will 3% of total selling of tickets in their area. 3. State Agent will get 2% of selling from their state. 4. Agents commission will be dispatched 02 to 05th of every month. 5. Only one or two agents will be appointed in a area. 6 Agent's income will be subject to deduction of Income tax according to their country's IT Acts. 7. Indus Lottery has sole right to dismiss any person agency if he/she is not working according to company's policy. 8. Company has sole right to appoint second agency if any agent is not working or any area has more boost for sale tickets. 9. Your Login credentials & Agent Code will be sent to you via email you provide us, so plz fill carefully all your details. 10. Your login credentials & agent code will be generated with in three working days after apply for agency 11. All rights reserved Indus Lottery.

All Jackpots Draw will remain fair as per company policy. Ist, IInd & IIIrd winners will be declared at 09:00 AM on decided Day by software. All tickets purchased in 10 hours of the draw will be count in next draw. So for avoid this situation please purchase your tickets before time of 10 hours of the draw. Note: we or our any agent never call to anyone for any type of OTP & bank details. So beware from fraud calls. We never disclose any player or winner details due to data safety reasons for your security matters. Indus Lottery is very safe to play. In table results we display only last 30 days winners list.

Important: 1. Anyone Can Buy online Lottery tickets with referral code or also as well without referral code. In the case of direct purchase, leave the referral I'd column blank. 2. Any person can purchase one or more than one tickets for self of a lottery or can purchase multiple lottery tickets. 3. We Never call for ask OTP or Bank details, Beware from Froud Calls.

Why Lottery is Best? In Other Plays, like Satta, Matka, IPL, Cricket, Horse Trading, Play Cards, we have limited choices, more risk & need much amount for play and we get limited winning amount double to 90x. But in Lottery, Low risk High returns. We can take more chance due to low investment. If by luck we win than we get high revenue or if we don't win than we can go next because of less investment. So lottery is a smart way for try our luck & win big. No other ways give us so much revenue like a jackpot. So let's start today buying tickets & Dream big, Win Big. Less Risk, Higher Profit.

Disclaimer: Purchasing Lottery tickets are depend on your own choice & risk matter of yourself. We are not responsible for your harm or loss. It's sole your decision to try your luck on such platform. We Indus Lottery are not related to any state govt lottery, we are purely private entity based lottery games. In states where lotteries are legal you are free to purchase lottery tickets online from worldwide lotto sites like the ones mentioned above. All lotteries are legal including lottery sites based outside of India. If you are a citizen of a state that has banned lotteries I still have good news for you. You can buy lottery tickets online without legal consequence but it is not explicitly legal nor is it illegal.

Important: From the festival of lights, Deepawali 2020, Indus Lottery announced Consolation Prizes of Rs. 250 to 5000 for 100 Players every month. The consolation prizes will be given in different categories. Winning prize will be distributed through area agents, so winners need to collect their winning rewards from agents only. The Lucky winners will be selected by draws. In this selection, all players will be counted who purchase any of the jackpot tickets. So now indus lottery is more beneficial for our players. Buy today any jackpot ticket & Dream Big, Win Big. Note that the winners who selected for jackpot will not include in consolation prizes.

About Jai Hanuman Lottery: Only Jai Hanuman Lottery Results will be Declared Daily on 09:00 Am. Beside Three Prizes (Ist, IInd, IIIrd) Daily Consolation Prizes to 50 Persons of worth Rs. 500/- & 50 Persons of worth Rs. 250/- will be Distributed weekly. The list will be published at 10:00 Am on website every monday. All Prizes will be sent before 03:00 Pm by the company.

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With over 10 years of experience as the world’s leading online lottery service provider, Indus Lottery has catered to over a million users. Find out what our members have to say about us!

Sumit Singh, Madhya Pradesh

With over 12 years of experience as the world’s leading online lottery service provider, Indus Lottery has catered to over a million users. Find out what our members have to say about us!

Ayush Sharma, Delhi

I've played with Indus Lottery for several years and really appreciate the site. All of my wins have been credited to my account. Thanks to the entire team at Indus Lottery!"

Sunil kumar, Rajasthan

I have played many times with indus Lottery. I have won 3 times. It's a best platform for all who want a big income & can fullfil dreams. Salute the Indus team. Good Work Ever.

A. Jacob, Kerala

My All Dreams Came True by Indus Lottery. It's a Platform where we get our desired. All you should try your luck here. Such a great theme & a great opportunity for all. Really appreciate the work. Well Done team

Ram Singh Sangwan, Haryana

Firstly I don't believe the network, but I purchased forcely by my friend & the luck that the jackpot was mine. It's really unbelievable. Really so fast & trustworthy. I will want to try again my luck with Indus Lottery. Good Luck to All Players.

Nainsingh Yadav, Uttar Pradesh

Great & superb. We all should try here for win. Trustfully Network & Real win. Only Indus Lottery can fulfill our dreams in present time.

Vishal Sahoo, Madhya Pradesh

Indus Lottery is only single platform where we can achieve big. Let's try again for more. Cheers you are with a leading jackpot service. Good luck to all.

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